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What Is Nonsurgical Body Contouring?

Our Evolve nonsurgical body contouring treatments at Xage Medical Spa will change your body for the better. By using radiofrequency (RF) heat, the Evolve workstation reduce small amounts of fat and reshape your figure. Board-certified physician Dr. Stuart B. Porter is proud to offer three applications for nonsurgical body contouring with the hands-free Evolve technology. 

  • Evolve Trim (uses RF energy to reduce fat and mild amounts of cellulite)
  • Evolve Tite (can tighten your skin and remodel your body contours with RF energy)
  • Evolve Tone (can build up muscles with electromagnetic stimulation to contract the muscles targeted)

With one or all three Evolve treatments, you can reduce severe problem spots with the ease of our hands-free applications. Dr. Porter and our aesthetics team would be happy to show you the benefits of Evolve for nonsurgical body contouring. Call to get on our schedule or request an appointment online today.

Am I a candidate?

Candidates for Evolve treatments will be at a stable weight. These patients may have a specific area where fat just won't go away, and/or the appearance of cellulite on their bodies. There are many ways the Evolve workstation can help our patients with their individual needs. Dr. Porter will conduct a consultation with a physical examination to determine if you are a good candidate.

These treatments are not a substitute for a healthy diet or exercise routine. These applications are made for men and women who have diet and exercise-resistant pockets of fat, and small areas that can be improved on the arms, hips, buttocks, gap of the thighs, outer thighs, or abdomen. Evolve is safe for all skin types, but candidates should have healthy skin elasticity for desirable results.

OUr Evolve Body contouring Techniques

Each type of Evolve treatment will be performed in a private treatment room. The great news is that Evolve is hands-free. This means that our team will put the selected applicators on your problem areas and turn on the workstation. You may choose to relax, take a nap, or read while the Evolve technology performs. We will be there to monitor you but no longer have to stand over you and handle the applicators by hand. There are several sizes we can offer for the Evolve applications for larger or smaller areas. Also, we have enough applicators to treat several areas at one time. After the nonsurgical body contouring session of your choice is complete, then you can resume your day as normal.

After your treatment

Evolve treatments for nonsurgical body contouring do not need a recovery period. As your body responds to the treatments, you will see your new shape appear over time. You may need several Evolve treatment sessions to get to your aesthetic goal. Dr. Porter will discuss what is needed to achieve your goals. Also, keep in mind that you may need maintenance sessions to refresh or enhance your results further.

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Average Cost  
$1,200 - $4,600
Recovery Time  
No downtime
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20 - 45 mins
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Evolve With Xage Medical Spa

For more information about our Evolve technology and how it works, please call us at Xage Medical Spa to arrange your consultation. Dr. Porter will also want to see you in his Provo, UT office for a consultation to make sure these nonsurgical body contouring sessions with Evolve are the right treatments for you.

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