What Muscles on the Body Can be Strengthened With Evolve Tone?

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When it comes to muscle sculpting, Evolve Tone is a nonsurgical body contouring option that board-certified physician Dr. Stuart B. Porter offers his Provo, UT patients. This noninvasive treatment uses electric muscle stimulation to tone, strengthen, and firm muscles throughout the body. At Xage Medical Spa, we can help you change your body and strengthen muscles. Evolve Tone is used to contract muscles to help build them more. We can use up to four applicators at once to target different muscle groups simultaneously.

Our board-certified physician and our team can discuss the benefits of radiofrequency body contouring (RF body contouring) during a consultation at our office. We perform nonsurgical body contouring on the abdomen, arms, buttocks, gap of the thighs, hips, and outer thighs.

Am I a candidate for body contouring in Provo, UT?

At Xage Medical Spa, Dr. Porter recommends his patients:

  • Be at a stable weight

  • Have muscles that they want to tone

  • Have realistic expectations for nonsurgical body contouring treatment

During a consultation with a physical examination, he can determine if you are a good candidate for any Evolve treatment, whether Tone, Trim, or Tite. It’s important to understand that this treatment isn’t a substitute for a healthy diet with regular exercise. Evolve is safe for all skin types, but candidates must have healthy skin elasticity to see results.

Body contouring techniques

We perform Evolve treatment in a private treatment room. This treatment is completely hands-free, meaning that Dr. Porter puts the applicators on your problem areas and turns on the workstation. He is there to monitor you but no longer has to stand over you and handle the applicators. Treatment is not considered painful, as it feels like strong muscle contractions. There are several sizes we can use for the treatment of both small and large treatment areas. After your nonsurgical body contouring session, you can resume your daily activities.

What to expect after RF body contouring

Evolve treatments for nonsurgical body contouring don’t require any recovery. As your body responds to your treatment, you will see your new shape appear. You may need several Evolve treatment sessions to get to your end goal. Dr. Porter can discuss what is necessary for you to achieve your goals. You will need maintenance sessions at our Provo, UT office to help maintain your results. Dr. Porter can create a custom treatment schedule to help each patient achieve improved muscle tone.

Benefits of Evolve Tone treatment

Some of the biggest advantages of getting RF body contouring with Evolve Tone include:

  • Strengthened muscles

  • Targeted treatment areas

  • Nonsurgical

  • Virtually no pain or discomfort

  • Quick treatment time, usually 30 minutes or less

Learn how to tone your body with RF body contouring in Provo, UT

RF body contouring can help sculpt your body and improve muscle tone. To learn more about Evolve technology and how it works, call our team at Xage Medical Spa to arrange a consultation with Dr. Stuart B. Porter. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions about nonsurgical body contouring sessions and learn if Evolve Tone is best for you and your goals for your body.

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