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What is DermaSound?

Blemishes can build up on the surface of the skin, resulting in a dull complexion with lines, scars, and spots. At Xage Medical Spa, DermaSound, known as Sonophoresis, uses ultrasound to drive molecules into or across the skin. You and your Esthetician will customize this service with the best products for your skin. Treatments take off the damaged and dead skin cells from the top layers of your complexion, revealing a younger look with clearer, even skin that feels soft and smooth. As a noninvasive facial procedure, DermaSound utilizes water and  ultrasound to help loosen and remove dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, and then infuse the skin the best serum for your skin. Board-certified physician Dr. Stuart B. Porter in Provo, UT may recommend a DermaSound facial if you would like a noninvasive treatment that takes on your signs of aging and boosts your skin's health. Made to even the tone and texture of your complexion, DermaSound may be a great option to refresh your skin. To learn more about DermaSound and other skin treatments, contact Xage Medical Spa to schedule a consultation.

Do I need a dermasound facial?

DermaSound facial treatments are a great choice for patients of all ages who want healthier, clearer skin. DermaSound can minimize the appearance of fine lines, small facial scars, blotches, and spots on your skin. Since DermaSound sloughs off the damaged outer layers, your face will feel smoother while also looking brighter and more balanced. Most patients find that after DermaSound treatments, their skin care products sink in more quickly and work better. If you have sensitive skin, skin allergies, or chronic cold sores and fever blisters, this procedure may not be appropriate. It is also important to know that DermaSound shouldn't be performed if you have active acne to avoid an infection. Dermabrasion may be done on the whole face or a small area, as well as the neck, chest, and hands. Dermabrasion treatments can also be performed along with other services offered at Xage Medical Spa, like an injectable treatment or chemical peel, for greater improvements.

Our Dermasound Technique

After a consultation, DermaSound treatments will be performed in our private rooms. You will be able to lie back as your skin is cleansed and prepped before the treatment begins. As a three-step system, DermaSound works to remove dead skin cells. During the first step, water oscillation is used to loosen and get rid of the dead skin. Next, ultrasound radiofrequency is utilized to formulate pathways within the layers of the skin, which helps skin care products to better sink into the skin. For the last step, micro-current therapy works to stimulate cell function, increase elastin, and allow for healing in the skin. You will be able to leave right after the DermaSound treatment to continue your regular schedule.

What to Expect

Following a DermaSound treatment, your skin may be irritated, red, and swollen similar to a light sunburn, but this may be alleviated with over-the-counter pain medications and creams as you heal over the next week. You should avoid exposure to the sun and regularly apply sunscreen because the fresh skin that is exposed by the DermaSound treatment will be sensitive. Most people will notice visibly clearer skin that is smoother to touch — this will only improve as the skin begins to heal. To extend your results, talk to our aesthetics team about how frequently you should have DermaSound treatments and other services based on your cosmetic goals.

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For dramatically smoother Skin with Dermasound

Xage Medical Spa enhances your natural appearance to raise your self-confidence. Nonsurgical DermaSound treatments can uncover a smoother complexion with reduced lines, scars, spots, wrinkles, and early signs of damage. At a consultation with Dr. Porter, you will get a thorough explanation of the DermaSound process, plus an assessment of your skin to determine your best treatment. To achieve clearer, healthier skin, contact our Provo, UT office to find out more about DermaSound and plan your treatment.

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