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At Xage Medical Spa, we are confident we can supply you with the aesthetic, anti-aging service you are looking for in Provo, UT. As industry leaders in aesthetics in Utah County, Dr. Stuart B. Porter and our aesthetics team can combine scientifically proven laser procedures, medical spa therapies, nonsurgical body contouring, nonivasive skin tighening, anti-aging treatments, and more to provide you with the total body care you deserve. We will personalize our approach to meet your unique needs in aesthetics of the face, skin, and body.

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Stuart B. Porter, D.O.

Dr. Stuart B. Porter is a board-certified physician in Provo, UT who offers aesthetic services for men and women at his practice, Xage Medical Spa. Not only does Dr. Porter have two decades of experience in medicine and aesthetics, he also graduated at the top of his class at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. Today, he is an expert injector at his aesthetics practice and performs laser skin resurfacing with innovative laser technologies. He is accepting new patients — both men and women — of any age. He is a strong believer in anti-aging treatments and aesthetic treatments that make his patients look and feel good. He offers complimentary consultations at his practice in Utah County.

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"Love the quality of their products and services!"



"The staff at Xage Medical Spa are professional and caring. They are very knowledgeable about the services and products they offer and have a desire to help everyone feel their best."



"Robbie is very compassionate who cares about your needs. Her staff are good and knowledgeable also. I have had several treatments from Xage which have been extremely helpful. I recommend Xage to anyone with health needs or those who want to keep that youthful glow."



"I just finished my 3rd and last Femilift treatment a week and half ago. For all you women that have a weakening bladder, I STONGLY recommend this treatment. I had a hysterectomy, including removal of my cervix about 12 years ago. Since I no longer have those parts to help keep things in their place, I gradually noticed several changes. I was that woman that couldn’t multitask with a sneeze, cough, laugh or even clear my throat while walking. I am proud to report that this is no longer a problem. Dr. Porter recommended this procedure and now here I am, multitasking like a pro. I noticed some improvement a couple weeks after the first treatment, the most improvement after the second treatment and the last treatment just sealed the deal, literally. An unexpected outcome is one I am super happy about. I have been plagued with recurring bladder infections for years. I haven’t had a bladder infection since the first treatment 3 months ago. Though I am purely speculating, I feel this is directly related to the Femilift treatments. It makes sense. Before the treatments, I had a weak sense of when my bladder was full, therefore my bladder would be full for awhile before I would get the intense urge. After several times, my bladder would just be irritated and I would end up with an infection. I lived on AZO and cranberry to try and manage some comfort. Now, my pelvic floor is stronger and I can can sense my full bladder sooner, which I now visit the restroom way more often. At first this was annoying, but now that I realize I am sensing things like I should and I haven’t had anymore irritation or infections, I’ll take it. Now ladies, and partners of those ladies considering Femilift, let’s talk sex. Since this treatment involves a laser inserted into the vagina, and it strengthens and tightens the urethra, it makes sense that it tightens the vagina as well. Big bonus. Not only have I noticed tightening, but more lubrication and sensitivity (the good kind, not the painful kind). If I just scared you away because I mentioned something being inserted into your vagina and then a laser zapping away, bear with me. 1. The laser has a comfortable width. 2. It has a sheath cover that is only yours and kept on site so you don’t have to remember to bring it with you. 3. The only time you feel any discomfort is when the they are treating the opening of the vagina since there are many more nerve endings there. For me this felt like an intense moment during a bladder infection, but the sensation immediately ceased when the treatment was over. 4. The entirety of each treatment only takes about 10 minutes. The consult and prep takes more time than the actual treatment. Finally, let’s talk about the cost. This isn’t covered by insurance, but when compared to the downtime, recovery and risk of infection of surgery, this is way worth it. Xage Medical spa was offering a promotion at the time of my consultation, which I was able to get a discount. But, I would have paid full price. The staff was very welcoming, knowledgeable and accommodating. They know what they are doing and how to provide a great experience and results."



"Friendly and thorough service!"




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Our Mission

At Xage Medical Spa, we are proud to have a board-certified physician and aestheticians with 15 – 20 years of experience. It is our mission to offer services to you with safe, state-of-the-art technology that has been scientifically proven to provide results. We also offer specials through out the year for our patients (along with financing options, if needed). Dr. Porter and our team at Xage Medcial Spa want to help you obtain the self-confidence and beauty you deserve at any age. We really appreciate our patients and strive to provide every person with outstanding care and incredible results on a daily basis. It is our passionate that each person receives the highest quality care.