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Laser Rejuvenation with the Femilift

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 03/20/2020

Learn about Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation from Dr. Porter.


How Does Botox Work?

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 03/04/2020

Learn how Dr. Porter uses Botox and how it can help you.


Is There Any Downtime Needed After Radiesse?

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 02/14/2020

Learn about the Radiesse and the treatments recovery time.


How To Deal With Acne Scars

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 08/09/2018

Are acne scars ruining the beauty of your face? Fortunately, there are treatments that can smooth out the surface of your skin.


Restoring The Even Tone of Your Skin With An IPL Photofacial

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 03/30/2018

One of the best treatment options for restoring the beauty of your face is an IPL photofacial, read to find out why!


Melt Away Unwanted Chin Fat With Kybella

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 05/15/2017

The appearance of certain areas of our body can be easily disturbed by even a small amount of excess fat.


The Universal Benefits of A Chemical Peel

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 04/14/2017

Our goal at Xage Medical Spa is to provide our patients with the customized care and treatments they need to feel and look wonderful.


The Importance of Facial Cleansing For Men

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 01/27/2016

The right skin cleanser can both prevent and fight acne. Sebum, sweat, and dead skin cells can become trapped when eexcess dirt buiilds up in the face


Get To Know Dr. Stuart B. Porter

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 01/20/2016

Dr. Porter is pleased to offer men and women of all ages a wide range of medical spa treatments and skin care solutions.


The Science Behind Microdermabrasion

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 12/16/2015

If you’re considering microdermabrasion in Orem, you may be interested in knowing the science behind this effective skin care treatment.


Enhance Your Lash Extensions With Revitalash

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 12/09/2015

RevitaLash is a high-quality cosmetic mascara and conditioner for lashes that uses a scientifically advanced formula to make the lashes look lusher


Are Lash Extensions Right For You?

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 11/18/2015

If you regularly apply thick mascara you may appreciate the limited maintenance and high quality of professional lash extensions. Find out more!


What Is Ozone Therapy

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 09/30/2015

Ozone therapy is a medical treatment that can be obtained from a licensed aesthetician, doctor, or dermatologist at a medical spa.


Answers to Your Questions About Refirme

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 08/18/2015

ReFirme is a dermatology treatment that encourages collagen growth in the body. Read to learn more!


Do's & Don'ts of Chemical Peels

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 07/28/2015

While chemical peels can be very effective in restoring your skin to a fresh, youthful appearance, there are dangers associated with the treatment.


A Look At Refirme Skin Treatment

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 07/21/2015

ReFirme is a laser skin treatment that helps stimulate the growth of collagen, helping to tighten skin.


The Relationship Between Diet and Acne

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 06/23/2015

Acne can be caused by many different factors, but one of the primary contributors—your diet—is one that you can easily control.


What Are Latisse Eyelash Extensions?

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 06/16/2015

Are you thinking about getting eyelash extensions in Orem? Read to find about Latisse Eylash Extensions.


Reclaiming Your Youthful Look

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 04/16/2015

Are lines and wrinkles making you look older than you feel? The good news is that there are non-surgical treatments.


A Look At The Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Dr. Stuart B. Porter | 04/13/2015

If you have fair or lackluster lashes looking for ways to enhance their appearance, then it's time to put the mascara away and come visit us.


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