Is There Any Downtime Needed After Radiesse?

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Radiesse is a cosmetic procedure for correcting wrinkles, lines and folds by filling out the specific areas. It boosts the collagen level in your body, clearing out wrinkles and assisting with naturally producing more collagen.

Collagen is the substance that lends us a youthful appearance. The treatment is suitable for corrections around the mouth, nose and jaw, and also the back of the hands. It fills out volume and fat loss in those areas.

In addition, Radiesse is a quick, easy and low maintenance procedure with no recovery time.

  • After a consultation, the practitioner will decide on the course of action
  • The procedures are performed in-house, and the treatment is renowned for taking as less as 15 minutes. In certain cases, the operation may take longer, from 30 minutes to an hour.
  • During the procedure, patients report minimal bearable pain. After the procedure, slight swelling is experienced, which should subside completely in a few weeks.
  • There is absolutely no downtime needed after the procedure. The patient can enter the clinic, get the procedure done, and get out and resume routine activities immediately after.
  • Although recovery time is needed after the procedure, it is advised not to perform any physically demanding activities for a few weeks. Direct exposure to sunlight should also be avoided.
  • The results from the treatment are immediate, and the complete results should show in a week. The outcome of the procedure lasts up to two years in most patients.

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