How Does Botox Work?

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Age is a harsh mistress that leaves her mark on everyone she meets. Frown lines, anger lines, crow’s feet, irritation and grumpiness all solidify on a person’s visage with time. This lined, aged appearance is the anti-thesis of youth and signals old age in everyone that witnesses it.

Botox is one tool in everyone’s skincare regimen that can successfully delay it with ease.

The Mechanics Behind Botox The Botox injection owes its magic to the Clostridium Botulinum bacterium. Scientists have discovered this bacteria, harnessed its powers and created the Botox serum that goes into millions of faces worldwide that staves off the signs of old age.

This serum contains a neurotoxin that causes paralysis. This paralysis can be controlled, contained, and caused with a simple injection into the facial muscles. At the right dose, this neurotoxin is harmless and works in our favor. By swimming inside the body, it finds and cleaves away at nerve endings in the face and enables relaxation on a level you’ve never seen before.

It was initially used for medical reasons such as curing lazy eyes, and is now used for treating wrinkles instead. Moderate to severe frown lines are easily prevented with the correct dose, taken well in advance of muscle contractions to keep the face looking silky smooth and shining year after year.

It relaxes and smoothes the face with incredible potency, making it one of the most popular FDA approved treatments for wrinkles in the world today.

Botox is a simple, easily administered serum that uses the powers of the botulism neurotoxin to work its magic in a contained, controlled manner. Consult your doctor today to find out if Botox is the right solution for your wrinkles.

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