Are Lash Extensions Right For You?

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Published on November 18, 2015by Stuart B. Porter

Many people seek out eyelash extensions as a way to enhance the length and fullness of their natural lashes. At-home eyelash extensions can be difficult to apply, and may fall off easily or look unnatural. Medical spas offer incredibly natural looking professional eyelash extensions in Orem that are expertly applied by an experienced aesthetician. Keep reading to determine if eyelash extensions are right for you.

Are Your Lashes Thin, Short, or Sparse?
People primarily choose eyelash extensions to supplement or improve the appearance of natural lashes that are thin, short, or sparse. If you regularly apply thick mascara or wrestle with over the counter eyelash extensions, you may appreciate the limited maintenance, high quality, and long-term eyelash enhancement offered by professional lash extensions. Professional lash extensions look much more natural than mascara or beauty store lash extensions, because they are made from individual hairs that are carefully matched to the color of your natural eyelashes.

Do You Have Little Time, Patience, or Experience With Lash Extensions?
If you want to enjoy the benefits of lash extensions, but don’t have the time, patience, or experience to apply store bought lash extensions to your eyes, professional eyelash extensions are the perfect solution. An aesthetician will carefully apply individual lash extensions to each one of your natural eyelashes. This precise application is time intensive, but the end results are incredibly natural-looking and beautiful eyelashes that are full, lush, and long. You can choose from a variety of colors and lengths of high-quality synthetic, silk, mink, or human hair lashes to ensure that your lash extensions look and feel as natural and flawless as possible.

Are You Interested in Long-Term Eyelash Enhancement?
Mascara is a temporary lash enhancement solution, and drug store lash extensions often fall off quickly, and at very inopportune moments. Professional eyelash extensions last as long as the life of the natural eyelash to which they were applied. With the proper care and maintenance, professional lash extensions can continue to look beautiful, thick, and long for over a month, with gradual, almost imperceptible thinning throughout.

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