A Look At The Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

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In addition to serving a highly practical function, eyelashes have long been prized as a facial feature that signifies femininity and elegance in an individual. If you have fair or lackluster lashes and are constantly looking for ways to enhance their appearance, then it’s time to put the mascara away and talk to your med spa professional in Orem about eyelash extension. Here is a brief look at the benefits of this cosmetic procedure.

Instant Glam
The first benefit that most wearers of eyelash extensions boast about is the instant glam factor that it provides to their appearance. Eyelash extensions do not require mascara, nor do you need to curl them using an eyelash curler in order to maximize their wow factor. They thicken and darken original lashes over a short period of time, leaving you with the lashes you have dreamed of in nearly an instant.

Preservation of the Natural Lashes
Eyelash extensions are also a great choice for enhancing the eye area because they do not harm natural lashes. Professionals will apply lash extensions onto roughly 50% of the lashes or more, depending on the look that you would like to achieve. Each of those lashes will rest comfortably and not increase the chances of the natural lash falling out.

Genuine Appearance
As we previously touched upon, eyelash extensions can be customized to fit your desired look. Just as you consult with a med spa professional about your desires during a laser hair removal consultation, you will have the opportunity to describe your eyelash extension goals with our team. The process by which they are applied helps to guarantee that the final result is a thicker, natural lash line.

Long Term Results
Although the application of eyelash extensions can take a bit of time, they are relatively long-lasting and only need to be touched up once every four weeks. During this time, they should be maintained with help from a team that specializes in beauty treatments such as eyelash extensions, acne scar treatments, or skin tightening.

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