Provo, UT | Testimonials | Xage Medical Spa

Carol, a Xage Client gives her testimonial about her experience with the medspa.


Carol: I love Xage. I think it's a warm environment. I feel like everyone's professional, knowledgeable, and I really love that they know who I am and what I'm looking for. And I feel that the quality of service is much higher than anywhere else I've gone.

Beth: I have been to other doctors before and they have not come close to what Dr. Porter has done with Botox. He really has an ability.

Kim: I've gone from not being able to get out of bed in the morning, not being able to stand up at the end of the day, because it hurts so much, to get my life back.

Paige: After the second one, it was on a daily basis I was getting five different people, whether I worked with them or just were seeing them at home or something, that were realizing that my skin was significantly getting better and asking what I was doing. I didn't think I was going to see any results until the end of all six procedures, but not even a quarter way through people were wondering what I was doing and saying, "I've never seen your skin look this good."

Carol: I really like coming to Dr. Porter because he is a doctor. He not only knows what he's doing as far as the Botox or fillers or whatever I want to do aesthetically, he knows all about the human body and he can answer any question I have ever asked him. I also like that when I come to see him for particular procedures he really listens to what I'm saying. He studies my face, and he always does a conservative but the right amount for what I'm looking for.

Beth: I'm thrilled. I couldn't be more happy. Every time I come in and have the service done I leave feeling like I just had the best thing done in the world. I really, honestly, would never go to someone else.

Kim: I feel so much better. In the two years, I feel better. Things are good at home, things are good with my wife. Things are good in my active life, things are good in my business, and that's all part of, to me, you feel good, you're able to do all of that. Rather than when you don't have your health, you don't have anything.