Provo, UT | Matrix CO2 Fractional Laser | Xage Medical Spa

This video discusses CO2 Laser treatment at Xage Medical Spa in Provo, UT. The doctor talks about the quick turn around time and the benefits.


Speaker 1: Many of us have heard of CO2 laser treatments, but there's been a big change in the technology with CO2 lasers. Previously in years past until the last couple of years, CO2 lasers were an all-or-none treatment. Essentially when you had that treatment done, all of the skin was treated so it was an all-or-none treatment and there wasn't a lot of variability or adjustability in the treatment options. With fractional technology, we can significantly decrease the downtime that's involved. Previously, it was many weeks. Now it's just a few days of downtime, and the reason for that is that the laser, the power of the laser is being treated in a fractional or a dot matrix pattern so that good tissue is left behind. With that good tissue behind, it stimulates healing at a much faster rate.