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This video explains Xage Medical Spa's objective. It discusses the treatments they perform and how their goal is to make people feel good.


Speaker 1: I'm Dr. Stuart Porter. I'm the medical director at Xage Medical Spa. I'm board certified in family medicine, but for the last 10 years or so I've been focusing primarily on anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. Xage, spelled X-A-G-E, stands for X on age, if you will. So the idea there is that we're trying to stamp out age and try and slow down the aging process. We certainly can't stop it, but we can do quite a bit to slow down the aging process. And that's what we focus on here at Sage. We offer a variety of services from laser hair removal, power photofacials, and a newer technology that we've had now for the last year, fractional CO2 laser resurfacing. We also do a fair amount of fillers along with Botox.

Speaker 1: And where we're different than other medical spas, I believe, is that we're very conservative. We want people to look natural. We don't want other people to know what they've done, we just want them to see that they look better. They look younger. So that's where we're different. We're very conservative in our approach. We can always add things. It's very difficult to take things away.

Speaker 1: One other thing that's unique here at Xage Medical Spa is simply our experience. Being board certified in family medicine for many years and practicing full service family medicine, our experience in general health and general medical knowledge is oftentimes much more broad than you would find at other medical spas.

Speaker 1: It's very fulfilling here at Xage for all of us, myself and all of the staff, to see our patients back on follow up. Frequently, they come in with big smiles on their faces. They're very, very satisfied with the results that they get. They're happier with their appearance, but more importantly, happier about their overall health and wellness.